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Microblading Artist

Hey there!


I'm the lady behind SBROWS MICROBLADING here in Louisville, KY. I have been in the beauty industry over 20 years. My background and expertise in cosmetology gives me a unique advantage in the permanent makeup world. I have extensive knowledge and experience with color theory, skin types, facial anatomy and proportions needed to create the brows of your dreams. I promise to give you beautiful, natural looking results that you will love! 

When I'm not at work you can catch me hanging at home with my crew. Weston & Hudson are my amazing sons, Matty is my partner in crime/sweet husband, Mabel & Meatball are my spoiled rotten dogs and together, we're a crazy, happy little family. Some of my favorite things to do include traveling as much as possible, hangin with my fam, reminiscing with my besties & laughing until we cry, hot yoga, decorating and redecorating my house, eating chocolate, shopping, returning lots of items from shopping, then shopping again, hanging outside, exploring new places, thrifting, making lists then making them again the next day because if at first you don't succeed, try, try again, pushing myself to do hard things and just trying to live my best life everyday ;)


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Come train with us! Our academy offers small intimate trainings to ensure the best possible experience. You won't find a more thorough training. We share all of our secrets and tips. Your success is our priority! Each training is hands on with live models. We literally hold your hand during the training, putting you in the proper motions of our exclusive techniques. You will have the confidence and knowledge to set yourself apart in this amazing industry. You will be ready to start your career as a certified microblading artist. A luxury kit is also included. No cheap junk from our academy! We only use the best products available. The training doesn’t stop with your certification. Once a student, always a student at SBROWS. We truly want you to succeed and will help you with ongoing support whenever you need it! After your training is complete, you are encouraged and always welcome back! We love sharing knowledge and building amazing artists to to join our community. Our door is always open! We would love to hear from you! Give us a shout and let’s get you started on this incredible path of microblading.

Training Academy!



Shelby is fantastic! I absolutely enjoyed meeting her, talking with her and her work is AMAZING! I had serious trust issues due to a prior experience with another artist but was at ease the moment I walked into her cute studio! Thanks Shelby for making my brows gorgeous again. :)




What  to 

Here at SBROWS, we have created our own exclusive technique to create the brows of your dreams! You won't find stamps, stencils or cookie cutter brows here. What you will find is custom tailored brows that are unique to YOU! We will map out and measure your brows by using your bone structure and natural features. The results are brows that fit YOUR face perfectly! We walk you through the entire procedure by keeping you informed each step of the way. You will have a preview of your new brows so you know exactly what to expect. No surprises. Our skilled team will help you choose the best technique for your skin and style preference so don't worry about choosing the right style on your own. We've got you covered! Your comfort and satisfaction are our priority. You'll feel right at home in our cozy shop. Our numbing technique is pure magic so rest assured you won't be in pain. You may even get in a little nap while we work away. Many of our guests do! We also send you home with an aftercare package and everything needed to care for your brows after your appointment. Your brow service will 

require 2 appointments to be complete. 6-8 weeks after your initial appointment, you will need to schedule a touchup appointment (not included with initial appointment). After your touchup, you can expect to enjoy your beautiful new brows for about a year before any maintenance is due. To maintain your brows, an annual touchup is necessary to keep them looking fresh and perfect. Go hit that book now button and get on our schedule! You'll be so happy you did! We can't wait to work with you :)


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